International Program of Maritime & Urban Engineering
Education System

System in Education

An image of possible courses in taking lectures is shown below. There are three systematic categories in elective lectures; that is, (1) Safety and Prevention of disaster, (2) Environmental symbiosis and Energy saving, and (3) Development and Design. In addition, prerequisite (compulsory) subjects are Special Topics on Global Architecture and Exercise in Global Architecture. These are prepared to have students acquire theories and ideas for systematizing and synthesizing the three systematic categories in elective lectures to be taken. Seminars on Global Architecture I and II are also prerequisite, in which students are supposed to be directed by their supervisors to understand and perform high-level professional research.
As shown in an image of possible courses, students may combine the above-mentioned subjects specially prepared for the new program with pre-existing subjects (lectures) offered in English at basic three Departments. The students in the special program must take a total of no less than 30 units of credit for successful completion of the first stage of the program (2-year Master’s program), where the students must take at least 20 credits from the lectures newly offered for the international program of Maritime and Urban Engineering.
By combining subjects in a flexible way, the students can design themselves to be professional, for example, in the following academic fields:

(A) Marine Interdisciplinary Engineering
(B) Comprehensive Spatial Design
(C) Urban Synthetic System Design

Areas for the Special Research

Students will conduct their Special Research from the third semester (the second year) of Master’s course under the supervision and instruction of his/her professor or associate professor. In this scheme, each student will choose one research theme from the following categories:

  • Naval Architecture
  • Ocean Systems Engineering
  • Structural and Geotechnical Engineering
  • Civil and Social Systems Engineering
  • Architectural Structures and Strength