International Program of Maritime & Urban Engineering
Voice of Students

Interview 1

From Student:
I chose International Program of Maritime and Urban Engineering because this program offers 5-year Master and Doctor consecutive study. By looking at the courses offered, the facilities provided, and the professors, I am sure that I will obtain a lot of knowledge and build a great understanding of Maritime and Urban Engineering here.

I know that there are a lot of competitive universities abroad, but I am sure Osaka University is one of the best. It is quite hard to imagine a better place to study than Osaka University. I am very much happy to be enrolled here, and I am eager to conduct research in Maritime and Urban Engineering subject.

I hope I could enhance my knowledge and understanding on Maritime and Urban Engineering, as well as getting my Master and PhD degrees in such a prestigious university.

In my viewpoint as a future global leader, I wish I could contribute to my mother country's marine technology and industry development and also contribute to the development of the marine technology in the world by conducting innovative researches under the guidance of the professors.

From Professor to Student:
I wish he will be a man of high level enough to lead the academic arena of maritime engineering in the world and at the same time he will be a good mentor for the next generation with mutual trust and partnership with Japan. In order to realize that wish, I think a friendly and competitive atmosphere in the study would be important, and not only results but also the process to the results would be important. I would provide various opportunities for making the students recognize the top level in the research, for instance, by inviting famous researchers in the world or dispatching them to international conferences.

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Interview 2

From Student:
Japan is a developed country in various areas of life such as politics, economics, society, culture, and technology. The advance sown in Japan certainly affects the facilities and infrastructures as well as educational quality that exist in the country. Education is expected to develop the ability and the character of each individual of civilization. The best education owned in Japan is what makes me interested to continue my study in this country especially in Osaka University, which is one of the famous universities in Japan. Osaka University has good laboratories which give me a good opportunity to develop my knowledge. I wish I could get more education here.

I aspire to come back to my country and contribute to the development as a form of a devotion. Besides, I want to be a lecturer at the place where I come from. Eventually, I want to have many students do the same thing as I did for our better future nation. If I complete my study, I want to continue to do research and organize workshops for devolopment of science in the future. I also want to serve the comunity as a lecturer and provide education and socialization of the knowledge that I have.

From Professor to Student:
Aceh province of Indonesia was devastated by the earthquake and associated tsunami in Dec. 2004. Muhajjir lost his family in the disaster. He has great motivation to do research on disaster prevention and reduction and also construction of safe city in his mother country. I would like to nurture his motivation of research on tsunami and help him realize his dream. The most important role of a supervisor is to lead a student to be an excellent researcher in a special field and also an independent engineer who can contribute to his country.