International Program of Maritime & Urban Engineering

Important Features in the Special Program

Illustrative explanation of 5-year course of Maritime & Urban Engineering

1) An intensive short-term course may be organized to guarantee the fundamental knowledge for starting the course with Japanese students, if necessary.

2) Special interdisciplinary (cross-boundary) seminars will be arranged, in which all students will be required to give presentation on the progress of the special research, to learn how to make good presentation, and to widen the spectrum of professional knowledge.

3) Rigorous evaluation will be conducted on the achievement and academic level at the end of the 1st stage (Master’s course). If the result is below the requirement, a short-term special training program must be taken.

4) In the Qualification Test Part I, the students will be required to write a proposal of research plan for the doctoral course, review the state-of-the-art in desired research theme, and give a presentation on the plan and review which will be followed by discussions with professors.

5) During the doctoral course, the students should be involved in the International Research Meeting through organization, preparation, and presentation on the progress of the doctoral special research.

6) Qualification Test Part II consists of the defense of dissertation and a trial lecture by the students on a research topic assigned in advance by their supervisors.