International Program of Maritime & Urban Engineering
Abstract of Program

Brief History

Since 2004, the Department of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering (NAOE) had operated an international special course (combined Master’s and Doctoral program) for foreign students, in which lectures and research instruction were provided in English. Beginning from 2007, all lectures in the graduate course of NAOE for ordinary Japanese students have been conducted in English, and now it is possible for both Japanese and foreign students to receive identical top-level education, delivered in English, in the same classrooms. This tradition will be kept further in the future.
From 2006 to 2012, the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) provided 3 preferential slots with the Japanese government scholarship for foreign students who wish to study in the international special course at the Department of NAOE. However, very unfortunately, that scholarship was stopped by a result of decision made in 2012 by the MEXT. Then as an extension, we proposed a new International Program of Maritime and Urban Engineering, which was admitted in March 2014 after strict evaluation of application documents submitted and subsequent interview at the MEXT. Thus we could start recruiting again excellent foreign students. In this special program, 6 preferential slots are provided for foreign students to receive the Japanese government scholarship.


Observing natural disasters by huge earthquakes, associated big destructive tsunami, typhoon, and subsequent damage of nuclear power plants, we could recognize strongly the importance of safety and protection of local and global environments. These kinds of need from the society exist in densely-populated cities especially in Asian countries. Considering these, we realize that much effort should be made for the research and education on the following modern themes to be done in Maritime and Urban Engineering:

  • Prevention and mitigation of natural disaster
  • Protection of marine and urban environment
  • Development of new energy and energy-saving techniques
  • Synthesized design of space, ocean and land
  • Risk assessment, new transportation system, etc.

  • Objectives in the International Special Program

    What we are aiming to do in this international special program are as follows:

  • Nurturing younger scientists who will be able to lead the academic society in the modern Maritime and Urban Engineering and succeed the knowledge to the next generation with relationship of mutual trust and partnership with Japan

  • Establishment of international environment for both Japanese and international students for studying hard in friendly rivalry, by providing them with various opportunities of high-level and quality-emphasized academic interactions